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1.Could the graphics tablets or graphics displays be used alone?

No. They need to be connected to a computer to work. (Some products could support Android devices too)

2.Which product could be compatible with Android devices?

StarG640S, StarG960S.StarG960S Plus, DECO01V2, Deco mini 7, Deco mini 7W, Deco Pro Series, Deco mini 4, Deco Fun Series, Artist12 2nd, Artist Pro 16 TP.

3.Could the stylus of XPPen be used on other brands?

No.The stylus only could be used on XPPen products.

4.How to get the free software?

Please visit XPPen official website:

About Payment

1.Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept the following forms of payment:
PayPal,Debit Card,Credit Card,Trustly,Klarna(for Finland).

2.What to do if the payment fails?

Please send us the tips you get to our service email. or you could ask for help from your local bank and Paypal service too.

3.Can I pay in installments or cash on delivery?

No. We could not support them at present.

4.Will I have to pay extra fees when I buy XPPen products?

It depends on your payment method. If you are paying for your order with an international bank card, the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates. In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may also charge foreign conversion fees. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer for any questions regarding these fees. Extra charges will not be charged on your online order, and XPPen does not take any responsibility for extra charges incurred while making payments with international bank cards.

About Order

1.How to add my order to my account?

If you have an EU account and also order, but the order is not in the account, you can send your order number to our customer service at, then we will help you add your order to your account. The account should be as same as the purchase email for the order.

2.How to change the address or the product when the order is made by mistake before delivery?

Please contact our service email first

3.Do I need to pay additional customs fees ?

If your country belongs to EU and the goods are shipped from EU warehouse, there is no additional customs fees.

If your country belongs to Non-EU, please confirm if you have ability to handle the customs duties by your side in case the package is blocked by the local customs. More details would be consulted from the local customs duty.

About Logistics

1.The delivery time

Package from EU warehouse: Estimated delivery time is 5- 20 working days.(It is effected by the local logistics situation too)
Package from China warehouse: Estimated delivery time is 10-25 working days. (Since some products are out of stock in the EU warehouse)

Due to the impact of COVID-19, some shipments could be slowed down (depending on the carrier). Please rest assured that we try our best to choose a faster carrier for your item. Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated!

2.Where is my package shipped from?

We have warehouses in Poland, Germany,France,Spain and China Usually, we arrange shipment within the EU warehouse. However, some products will have to be shipped from China warehouse when they are out of stock or your destination could not be shipped from EU warehouse (Serbia,Monaco, Iceland and other remote areas)

3.Which country could be shipped?

Sweden  Denmark  Finland  Greece  Romania  Hungary  Lithuania  Bulgaria  Croatia Czech Republic
Poland  Estonia  Latvia  Malta  Slovakia  Slovenia  Cyprus  Serbia Norway  Monaco  Iceland

4.Where can I check the logistic status of my order?

1) If you have an XPPen account, you can log in your XPPen account, then
> Click "My deal"
> Click "My orders"
> Click "Details"
> Then you can check your order status

2) If you do not have an XPPen account:
Once the tracking information is available, the system will automatically send you an email to your purchase email. And you can use the tracking information in the email to track your parcel with this link


1. How to rest the password?

> Click "Reset password" in Account
> Enter Old password and New password respectively
> Click "Submit"

2. Why can't I log in the account?

1) Please check if you have blocked all cookies of your browser
2) You can try to log in your account from this link again:
3) .If you are still unable to login to your account, you can send the issue to our customer service at, then we will help you to check the issue.


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